Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable departments have been able to reduce manual paper processing by up to 85%, increase overall employee efficiency by 45%, and reduce transactional costs by up to 80%. Accounts Payable departments work with AOS to help them realize better control of their AP process, reduce errors, and increase the number of invoices paid on time or early to maximize discount terms. Financial and Operations executives with a vision to streamline and standardize their Accounts Payable process have utilized AOS’ expertise to assist with the design and implementation of software solutions to help them attain their Accounts Payable process improvement initiatives.

Solutions Include:

• Electronic PO Requisition Forms
• Automated PO Requisition Approvals
• Automated PO Generation
• OCR Assisted Invoice Indexing
• Advanced Capture Assisted Invoice Indexing
• GL Coding
• Automated Matching
• Automated Invoice Routing and Approval
• Integration with Financial Systems
• Real-time Analytics/Reporting



  • Do you have multiple employees taking part in the accounting process?
  • Does your purchase order process include paper forms or excel spreadsheets?
  • Are documents walked or emailed for approvals?
  • Do your employees have to type invoice information into your accounting software?
  • Does your process include manually matching checks to paper invoices?
  • Do you use QuickBooks, Timberline, Great Plains, or another accounting package?

Think about any specific document that you print. AOS gets rid of the paper by giving you a new way to: