Core Line of Business

At AOS, we take a forensic approach to working with our customers.

While we do offer many industry specific solutions, our creativity and flexibility allows us to improve any business process. We evaluate the areas of your business that are the most time-consuming and paper intensive by first asking one simple question: “Why?” Once we understand the reason something is done a certain way we can work to improve upon it.


  • Could your staff be more productive and efficient?
  • Do you print documents just to stick them in a file cabinet?
  • Does your business require forms to be filled out? 
  • Is the information from the form typed into a computer or program?
  • Do you, your employees or your customers print documents just because they need to be signed?
  • Are you paying for a dedicated fax line?
  • Do you have issues managing faxes once they’re received?
  • Do you make copies of documents for security or routing purposes?

Think about any specific document that you print. AOS gets rid of the paper by giving you a new way to: