Healthcare organizations have been able to reduce manual paper processing by 95%, increase overall employee efficiency by 45%, and reduce manual document filing by 75% while reclaiming thousands of square-feet of office space. Healthcare providers work with AOS to help them improve efficiency, reduce operational costs, and reduce risks within their data and document intensive business processes. Healthcare executives with a vision to streamline and standardize their business processes have utilized AOS’ expertise to assist with the design and implementation of software solutions to help them attain their process improvement and/or meaningful use initiatives.


         Solutions Include:                                                                           Healthcare Organizations Served:

  • Medical Billing Optimization                                                     Hospitals
  • Meaningful Use Documentation                                             Behavioral Health
  • Supply Chain Optimization                                                         Hospice/Home Health
  • Enterprise Document Management                                     Pharmacies
  • Electronic Medical Records Integration                              Doctor Groups
  • Mobile Clinician/Aide Documentation                                Assisted Living/
  • Real-time Analytics/Reporting                                                  Long Term Care Facilites
  • Revenue Cycle Management                                                       More
  • Many more




  • Do you receive paper faxes? If not, do you have issues managing them when they are received?
  • Are new patients filling out paper or downloadable forms?
  • Do you have multiple employees handling back-office duties?
  • Are your "back office" documents stored in file cabinets?
  • Do documents have to be walked or emailed for approvals?

Think about any specific document that you print. AOS gets rid of the paper by giving you a new way to: