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Business Process Automation - The Power of Workflow in the Web

How quickly are documents processed in your company? Do you know who accessed a particular document last, or how long that document was worked with? Where does that document live now? Visibility into business processes can change the way work gets done. Business Process Automation (BPA) solutions use the power of the web to deliver the data and direction of your document processes, balancing accuracy with productivity. BPA is that detailed assistant that business owners dream of, providing instantaneous views into daily processes to ensure efficiency is high, and no task is left behind. 

BPA provides the ability to configure specified workflows, operating with your team, for the greater good of your business. As a new class of workflow solutions, BPA gives organizations unique control and visibility over their critical business operations from anywhere, at any time. It supports today's increasingly mobile knowledge workers by providing the exact workflow experience of the desktop into the web, across all mobile devices.

As part of an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, BPA enables mobile users to securely create, edit, view and collaborate on digital files through the creation of non-linear workflows. The most effective implementations offer secure, permissions-based access to content processes within the ECM system. This security allows mobile workers to be privately notified of workflow actions through email, where specified personnel can access critical business documents via laptop, tablet or mobile device, worry-free. 

Additionally, in-depth workflow reporting and analytics reflects how quickly the flow of work is moving, how much of the workflow is completed, and who is completing what tasks - centralizing all your workflow data in one place. this build-in business intelligence enables improved decision making by allowing users to visualize workflow data in real time, identify any possible issues and take action to increase process efficiency. 

BPA puts your data into immediate work. Data collection is faster, easier and more accurate, from warehouse inventory maintenance to in-office employess onboarding and off-site contract management. Users can intergrate workflow processes into existing corporate systems including CRM and accounting platforms, to further enable workflow customization for any operational process. With an intuitive design canvas, users can change or refine processes anytime with drag-and-drop capabilities, simplifying how workflows are built. 

BPA expands mobile workforce capabilities from Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to... Bring Your Own Processes? Okay, maybe BYOP won't reach LOL status, but mobile automation is the next-generation evolution of workflow software, simplifying process collaboration in our continuous connected world. It allows for an increase in mobile productivity between co-workers, customers and partners, through unified process visibility. 

With tremendous strength and flexibilty, BPA delivers the power to design end-to-end visual representations of your organizational processes that are instantly ready for action.