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Office MRI

Office MRI Effectively Diagnoses Process Problems to Recommend Improvements

An Office MRI by AOS Digital can help uncover the issues that have been holding your productivity hostage for years. For example, the amount of time your staff spends chasing the paper trail!

Our forensic approach not only diagnoses your specific process problems but also provides a distinct roadmap with the right solutions. In most cases, we have found that reducing paper processes or going completely paperless can help our clients achieve significant improvements and savings.

The healthcare sector, one key area that we specialize in, has been one of the first to benefit from our Office MRI and customized process documenting solutions.

Healthcare organizations that implemented our electronic document management systems and reduced manual paper processing by 95%:

➢ Enjoy a 45% increase in overall employee efficiency
➢ Achieve a 75% reduction in manual document filing
➢ Reclaim thousands of square feet of office space

Read this case study to understand how one of our healthcare clients, Abington Medical Specialists, was able to improve productivity, compliance and cost savings in a short span of time.

Office MRI Case Study – Abington Medical Specialists

The client: Abington Medical Specialists (AMS), a comprehensive cardiovascular practice, is committed to preventing and treating all aspects of cardiovascular disease. As one of the most well respected groups in the Philadelphia region, Abington Medical Specialists delivers the latest, state of the art cardiovascular care to their patients.


  1. Staff was spending too much time on manual documentation and paper processes
  2. HIPAA compliance (patient privacy) issues resulting from the manual handling of paper documentation
  3. Significant amount of documentation and records lost in managing the paper trail                

Our solution: Electronic storage and retrieval of documentation

First phase results:

50-60% reduction of paper = Enhanced productivity + Improved customer satisfaction + Fewer compliance issues

Improved Process Efficiency and Accuracy

Lack of process efficiency is a huge concern for many companies, especially those involved in the healthcare industry which sees a high patient turnover. Our now electronic process using SMART SEARCH software helped the AMS chart preparation department increase their efficiency significantly. Initially a paper-driven and laborious process, they are now able to transport documents from *‘Smart Search’ to **‘eClinical Works’ (ECW) with the press of a few buttons. This made the entire chart preparation process for each patient faster, more accurate and less time consuming. Overall, this means shorter processing times and more business.

AMS has also achieved a 50-60% reduction in lost or misplaced documentation. In the event a document is placed in a wrong archive, it can simply be replaced and moved into the correct inbox.

With significant results in the initial implementation phase, AMS is now looking forward to using our software system to its full capacity.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Patient experience and satisfaction are integral to a healthcare business’s growth and success. We are happy to report that enhanced documentation efficiency enabled AMS to greatly enhance their patient experience. Improved time management allowed AMS to complete patient and doctor requests quicker, thus improving customer satisfaction levels.

The quality of service AOS Digital provided also contributed to the smooth transition from paper-based systems to electronic records. Theresa Comido, Assistant Office Manager says, “AOS has been excellent to work with and exceeded our expectations in all stages of planning, implementation and support. Excellent onsite customer service from Joe and the whole AOS team in addressing questions during the implementation stages were especially helpful in learning the system. AOS was very supportive throughout the whole process and still is.”

Reduced Risk of HIPAA Compliance Issues

Patient privacy is a top priority for any organization involved in healthcare services.  The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets the standard for protecting sensitive patient data. Any company that deals with protected health information (PHI) must ensure that all the necessary process security measures are in place and strictly followed. A breach could result in severe penalties and legal issues.

With advanced digital tracking made available by our electronic software, AMSwas able to significantly reduce document exposure and the risks of non-compliance.  

Next Steps

Buoyed by these measurable results, AMS is now looking forward to the next phase which involves fully utilizing our systems in their billing department.

Our Office MRI Can Help You Too!

 Is your staff struggling to find information? Do they spend most of their time manually documenting processes? Is compliance an ongoing concern?

Our Office MRI will uncover your process documentation problems and enable us to provide you with a cost-effective process improvement solution. As a valued technology supplier since 1977, AOS Digital serves diverse operational requirements including healthcare, human resources, accounting, customer service, legal and construction services. 

You can count on us for the latest in hardware and software tools to optimize your bottom line. Take advantage of our innovative, automated document management solutions to eliminate process inefficiencies and wasteful expenditure.

Call 215-230-8501 or contact us online to learn more about our Office MRI and document management solutions.

* Smart Search is an industry leading document mangement software that allows documents to remain digital, trackable and auditable. 

** eClinical Works (ECW) is an industry-leading clinical electronic health record (EHR) that has the ability to pull in files electronically.