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Paperless technology taking flight

In a world that's forever evolving, technology has been responsible for changing entire industries as innovation makes previous incarnations obsolete. Think about how Apple's smartphone has made the landline into a dinosaur. Or how sites like have made big box retailers disappear. Paperless technologies have been around for nearly a decade, but only recently have taken foothold and begun to change entire industries.

Commercial airlines have just recently started embracing the idea of a paperless operation. American Airlines, at the forefront, has announced its initiative to replace the on-board, paper pamphlets with Samsung tablets. But why? Wouldn't purchasing tablets increase costs ?

After an indepth study, American Airlines came to the conclusion that the decrease in printing costs (replacing pamphlets regularly) and the decrease in fuel costs from lowering the total cargo weight (one tablet vs. 5 pamphlets) will save them an estimated $1 million annually. While it will obviously have the impact of improving customer flight experiences, the financial benefit will help them continue to ascend to new heights!

So, have you looked into the paperless technologies affecting your industry?