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Press Release 8/4/2014

Doylestown, 8/4/2014. In an effort to better serve and educate existing as well as prospective clients, partners and vendors; AOS is proud to announce the launch of its new website: . In a collaborative effort with fellow Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce member, AYC Media, the website was designed to help businesses make more informed decisions when it comes to the sometimes murky subject of office technology and document management.


With an intuitive “Q&A” format, the website helps visitors easily find exactly what they’re looking for, while also offering some alternate solutions or ideas they may have never considered before. The hope is that the website will help educate the business community on how to best produce, handle and store documents; help decide which solution(s) is best for their specific need, and then help facilitate that need through an ongoing relationship.


The website includes thought and action provoking content on subjects like “going paperless,” the “cloud” and data backups, as well as hardware and service. AOS realized that most of the misconceptions or fears around many of these great tools was a general misunderstanding or lack of comprehension. This is likely due to the fact that most of the resources out there are full of technical jargon and terms that only experts in the field can understand. places itself as a translator of sorts, taking highly technical topics and placing them in the context of specific markets and making them easy to understand. And if you prefer not to do the research on your own, the website can also put you in touch with one of AOS’ expert staff to guide you down the path to office efficiency and reduced operating costs!




AOS has been the valued technology partner in the tri-state area since 1977. Coming from humble beginnings, AOS has grown to provide the latest in hardware, service and software to help your business operate in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Begin your partnership with AOS today by setting up a free in-office consultation, our coined “Office MRI” where our expert staff will help you diagnose your paper or process issues.