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Take Control of your Documents

If you happen to be an old movie buff, then perhaps you can recall "Top Secret" folders, placed in locked briefcases and given to men in suits.  Inevitably, the briefcase ends up switched or lost, resulting in chaos and a good movie plot. For many businesses, a lost piece of paper or electronic file with pertinent information on it can make or break a transaction, therefore evaluating your businesses vulnerabilities is imperative. 

Look at how you store sensitive information and how many employees have access to it.  Do you have drawers of paper files around your office? If you are regulated by HIPAA , FINRA, SOX or other r industries,  security is crucial.  AOS offers solutions to keep documents digital, such as Electronic Storage and Retrieval, Electronic Signature , Electronic Fax and Electronic Workflow. All are designed to eliminate unprotected paper files.

Keep in mind,  the less paper retained is your first step to reduce the risk of loss. Considering all the risks involved, document security is NOT just an option, it’s a necessity.  One that takes more than just a scanner & document management system. It requires changing how business transactions are processed.

 AOS is dedicated to helping clients make the crucial transitions required to provide their businesses with  security of their information. Whether it’s employee records, financial information or customer data, we have it all covered. 

Contact us today and take advantage of the technology we have available.  Not only to keep your information secure, but so you never have to worry about who had the key to the filing cabinet last. 

Call AOS today to evaluate how secure your documens really are............