Steve McCloskey- CFO, Thompson Organization

"Over the years AOS has continually serviced our business needs. In 2006, AOS implemented a software solution that blended software and hardware and have eliminated over printing by 50%. We turned filing space into productive business space and have streamlined redundant processes thereby improving productivity."

Pat Dimare

"AOS is a great company with wonderful service and a knowledgeable and friendly staff."

Wm. F. Miller

"AOS is a vital asset in the client growth of CCG, offering excellent emergency service and technical support not only to us but to our many clients."

Deborah Seegar

"What a great machine!... Thanks so much! You have made my job easier by making my work look even better!"

Anne Marie York

"I wanted to thank you and your staff for providing me with the equipment that my department needs to have to run efficiently."

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